At first blush, naming an investment firm Tortoise might not seem to be the most logical. But, this unusual decision was all the more appropriate as we embarked on an untraveled road to help create an unknown and seemingly inaccessible asset class. We saw opportunity through a fog of impossibilities.

Even more important, the name Tortoise embodies the essence of our investment approach, bringing a long-term view that endures across cycles. Just as the tortoise symbolizes longevity and perseverance, our investment philosophy is anchored in a disciplined way of thinking, particularly rooted in quality. We bring this philosophy to life by investing in strategic assets managed by proven management teams, seeking quality yield and growth.

We hold an unwavering belief that a different perspective and long-term thinking can create significant opportunities. This is unusual, to be sure, in a world of talking heads with sound bites highlighting short-term successes. But, we were — and remain — steadfast in our belief that "steady wins."